Please scroll down to the type of session you are interested in booking for information and details regarding what your session may entail. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the session you are interested in scheduling.


Newborn Sessions:

Newborn sessions will last from 2-4 hours.  The best way to capture these precious, wrinkly, little bodies is in their birthday suit. Clothing tends to be bulky and uncomfortable and can pose problems during the shoot. I ask that you wait to feed your newborn until 30 prior to the shoot. We want those tiny minds sleepy, and the best way to get them sleepy is to keep them active and engaged an hour or two prior and fed right before.

It is best to clothe them in a zipper jumper with feet as these outfits tend to be the easiest to take off once they are asleep; nothing tight or restrictive (no socks, or elastic pants, etc.) and nothing that needs to be taken off over the head. I will work around feedings and any other necessary time that needs to be taken in order to make sure both baby and mom are comfortable.

For Lifestyle newborn shoots in the home, a room with large windows and lots of light is best. Master Bedrooms and Living Rooms tend to work nicely. Please have this room cleared as much as possible as the portable studio takes up a bit of space. Also, if poses in the nursery are desired please have that room cleared and cleaned as well. Less clutter is best. Have anything that makes baby smile out and ready in case the baby is awake for part of the shoot. Capturing those first smiles is why we are in this business in the first place.

Please schedule your shoot as soon as possible. We will schedule an entire week around the due date and once that special day arrives we will get your session hard on the schedule within the first 10 days. Obviously I realize that due dates are never “due” dates. So, the tentative dates are just that: tentative.

I welcome siblings as part of the shoot; however I prefer to have this done within the first hour of the shoot. Children tend to get antsy and lose attention quickly. If you would like to have a few shots taken of you with baby Please let us know ahead of time. But please do not feel obligated the day of. It is understood that every night with a newborn is different and the one right before the photo shoot might not be the best. Please do not get dressed up for me. Stay relaxed and comfortable if you do not plan on being in any pictures. I am open to outdoor shoots as well if you would prefer; or half and half. Just let me know what you would like. If you have any other questions regarding your newborn shoot feel free to contact me. All questions are welcomed. Please click on the Investment Tab for pricing and package options.



Baby/Milestone Session:

While I love shooting all babies at every stage of life, there a few stages that are the most fun and the easiest to capture those pivotal moments. 3, 6, and 9 months tend to be big milestone ages. At three months baby is starting to really have a personality. They are better at tummy time and start lifting their little head up with confidence.At 6 months baby is starting to sit up on his/her own and really getting a sense of their surroundings. This is a fun time to introduce fun colors and textures and occasional they can interact with props. By 9 months baby is moving around and starting to realize his/her place in the world. It is fun to capture their image in mirrors and catch them really showing you their personality, which is beaming with confidence and pride by now!

Clothes are very welcomed at these stages and can really add to the color and personality of the shoot. Decide on clothing carefully. Colors and layers are fun, but try to keep the patterns to a minimum. Too much pattern can distract from the true focus of the image: Baby. Also, you might want to make sure any outfit chosen is a special one.  Bring any and all toys that keep baby entertained and smiling. We want those big belly laughs and smiles caught on camera.

I love to shoot baby both indoors and out, so if you have a preference just let me know. Siblings and parents will not be a part of the baby sessions.  If you are looking for sister/brother/mom/dad to be in the picture with baby, please see the sibling/children or Family sections of this page. Baby/milestone sessions typically last 1-2 hours, so please try to schedule around baby’s nap time and feedings. While I realize nothing about baby’s schedule is set in stone and I will work around any surprises, these times take away from the actual shooting process so try to plan accordingly. If you have any further questions regarding baby’s session, feel free to contact me. All questions are welcomed. Please click on the Investment tab for pricing and package options.


One Year Session:

Your Toddler’s first birthday is such an exciting time! I am open to shooting the actual birthday party but prefer to have a separate time scheduled for this special milestone. I love doing Cake smashes and want to really capture all your toddler’s special qualities at this age. These sessions will typically last 1-2 hours. I can do the first year session inside or outside so just let me know which you prefer. Obviously time of year plays a big part as to which one would be best. We want your little one as happy as possible! Clothing is a fun part of the shoot as well. I welcome outfit changes, but please keep these to a minimum. Every change takes away from the actual picture taking and keep in mind that if you are wanting to photograph a cake smash, these clothes will be messy (but washable). Also, you might want to make any outfit chosen for your shoot a special one.  If you have  any further questions regarding your toddler’s first year shoot, feel free to contact me. All questions are welcomed. Please click on the Investment tab for pricing and package options.



Kids can be so much fun to take pictures of. However, they don’t always want to listen. These sessions are really played by ear. We will block off a 2 hour period but typically children don’t pay attention or sit still for more than an hour. I love capturing children playing outdoors and really try to get mostly candid shots. Studio shots or “posed” outdoor shots will be done at the beginning and the rest of the time will be spent recommending what they do and trying to interact with them without getting into the shot. Props are almost always involved. Layers and fun colors are good to wear, but keep patterns to a minimum as they take away from the focus: the children. Also, you may want to make any outfit choice a special one. Please have children fed and rested before the shoot. This makes for happier, more mindful kids. Parents will not be included  in the siblings/children shoot. If you would like parents in the pictures please see the family section of this page. If you have any other questions regarding your child/children’s shoot feel free to contact us. All questions are welcomed. Please click on the Investment tab for pricing and package options.




Family/Extended Family:

All family shoots include everyone. These sessions last from 1.5-2 hours and are typically outdoors. I offer lifestyle shoots which is where I can come to your home and photograph you and your child/children in  your natural setting. This is the only indoor option for Families. Please choose a color scheme of some kind or coordinate clothing somehow, as this makes for a better overall image and keeps the focus on the subjects, not the clothing. Layers are fun and colors too, but keep the patterns to a minimum as this can take from the subjects as well. Make outfit choices special ones and try to avoid mixing light and dark. It is best to go either all dark colors or all light colors. It helps balance the overall feel of the photo. Please schedule sessions around any nap times and have all children/babies fed prior. Feel free to contact me with further questions regarding your Family session and Please click on the Investment tab for pricing and Package options.

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Holiday Mini Sessions:

Mini sessions are so much fun and only last 30-45 min. they can include just the baby or all the children or the entire family. However, there is only one background or location involved. Typically there are certain props and backgrounds chosen by us to give the photo a feel of the specific holiday, however other props or ideas are welcomed. If you would like to use props outside of our options they will be provided by you. You can choose location as well but an additional travel charge may incur. Holiday mini sessions are a great way to celebrate any season and work well for holiday cards and mementos. If you have any additional questions regarding your holiday mini session feel free to contact me and please click on the Investment tab for pricing and package options.


High School Seniors:

Every Senior Portrait session includes unlimited outfit changes and up to 3 locations. I will recommend locations but I’m open to any location of your choosing. Locations further than 20 miles from Sweet Water Photography will incur additional charges. Please also keep in mind that outfit changes and travel time take away from your 3 hours of picture taking. Please come dressed in your first outfit and try to coordinate outfits with locations. Every outfit should be a special one and pieces and parts of each single outfit should work well together. Layers and colors are fun and can really add to the overall feel of the photo, but you’ll want to keep the patterns to a minimum. Senior Sessions are all about capturing you and how you are in High school. Action shots are great way to capture that; for example if you play piano, you may want a location with a piano, or a location with a horse you can use if you ride horses; or football gear as an outfit change or cheer-leading, track, etc. etc. You have the option of doing a small studio shoot as well. Please let me know if your are interested in the studio as part of your shoot ahead of time. This will not be considered a location, but will be taken as part of the 3 hour time frame. If you choose to have a small studio it will be brought to your indoor location of choice (typically the home) and will need to be set up in a room with lots of natural light. Living rooms and large spaces with big windows work best. Please have this room cleared and cleaned as the studio takes up a bit of space. All props will need to be provided by you (chair, football, guitar, etc). If you have any additional questions regarding your senior’s portrait session feel free to contact me. All questions are welcomed. Please click on the Investment tab for pricing and package options.

All Sessions:

All images will be edited as part of the creative process and light touch up work will be done to skin, teeth, chins, etc. when needed. I like to keep the subjects looking as natural as possible and in order to do so I like to keep sessions scheduled in the golden hours: One-two hours right after sun rise and the few hours before sunset. If mid-afternoon is the only time you can schedule, we will be shooting where there is shade. Direct sunlight shots in the afternoon create large shadows under eyes and on faces. I like to stay away from unwanted shadows. No two sessions are alike. The best part about photography and the art of portraiture is that you never know what you’re going to get; especially with babies and children. While Sweet Water Photography is there to capture “every” moment, good and bad, it is understood that things happen and sessions may need to be rescheduled. I will try to get the best out of the session, even if the baby is crying or the kids are being ornery. However, if I don’t feel like I captured enough “great” moments I may ask if you want to reschedule a mini session (30-45 min).